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John Dalston: Runs this site, and contributed everything here that other people didn't contribute (almost-obviously). Author of The Almost-Dictionary and Information Gone Almost-Wild. See Contact page to almost-stay in almost-touch.

Max Buzzell: Runs the Almost-Store. Occasionally, he almost-dutifully jogs for office (never gets very far though).

R. C. Rathgeber: Suggested the Almost-Doctor and the Almost-Player pages. Contributes many suggestions. Proof-read sections of The Almost-Dictionary and made helpful suggestions along that almost-way. He is usually the one to initiate an expedition to the West Pole.

Fischer Der Filmmacher: Contributes suggestions. Made a documentary film (of almost-movie length).

Other Contributors:

Dr. J. G.: On guard for almost-polecats (see the definition in The Almost-Dictionary) at almost-all times.

Evan L.: When he's not busy saving the real world, he occasionally contributes ideas. Suggested the Almost-Dog page, and contributed to the Almost-Milk page.


Thanks to the Internet for some of the pics.


Referred to above:

almost-west almost-pole

Actually, the Almost-West Almost-Pole, because it is made out of metal, and it is in the New Mexico desert (not quite as far west as Hawaii or Midway).

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