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Very seldom are we completely happy. Something is usually detracting from total happiness.

We might say that often we are just almost-happy (not sad). Usually this is because we are happy about some things, and not particularly happy about other things. Of the things we just thought we were happy about, we're happy about some things about them, and not very happy about others. Again, of the things we thought we were happy about the things we were happy about, we're probably happy about some things about those things, and not happy about others. And so on. We might be almost-happy with Junior's grades, or almost-happy with the election results, or almost-happy with our spouse, or our house, or our lot in life, or our level of happiness, etc.

An almost-favorite pastime for almost everyone is thinking of ways to improve their own level of happiness, and the levels of happiness of all those they care about (those that often contribute to their happiness).


1. Not completely happy: Not happy enough: only a 6, 7, 8, or 9 on the Happiness scale. (Getting a "B" on the exam. Being forced to eat your vegetables.)

2. Happiness pending: Expect to be happy soon. (Pregnant and expecting a healthy newborn any day now. Right after you put in an offer on a house and before you hear back.)

3. Happiness averted: You thought you were happy, but then you hit a snag.


You are only a finalist at Wimbledon.

You are the prettiest girl in the room, and then a prettier girl walks in.

You are out fishing with your buddies and you run out of beer (or worms).

You parents tell you to turn the music or television off because its bedtime.


More Examples:


Almost-happy about the quality of the water.


Almost-happy about the company. Where's Howard Hughes when you need him? Or, very happy about the company, but not so happy about the drinks situation. When's the director going to yell "Cut!" Maybe I need a pedicure. . . .


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