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We are almost-always only almost-prepared. The difference between success and failure almost-always comes down to how we almost-handle the surprises: those things in our lives that fall between what we are prepared for and what we really encounter (the gap). When events happen we either "rise to the occasion" or we don't. Sometimes we think of what we ought to say, but just a second too late. It has been said that to be a success you have to be at the right place at the right time, but you also need to be very almost-prepared. (Also, opportunity usually only almost-knocks, so you have to almost-listen to that silent voice inside you.)


1. Physical Preparedness: Further preparation is needed in a physical way. (Must be the right age. Must be the right height. Must be the right weight. Must be the right fitness level. Must be the right species.)

2. Experiential Preparedness: Further preparation is needed in the performance of certain activities in a general well-rounded sort of way, or a particular skill needs development or honing. (Must have done this before. Must have done this before many times. Must have done related activities, or supporting work.)

3. Educational Preparedness: Further preparation is needed in school. Or, if you already know how to read, you can teach yourself. (Book learnin', CBTs, classroom training, Internet surfing, etc.)










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