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Some things never quite get finished. The things that do get finished have to transition through the state of being "almost-finished" first. Most of us are busy trying to get projects out of the "almost-finished" state right now. Some things just stay in an almost-finished state (e.g. Schubert's Almost-finished Symphony). And other things get trashed if they are not finished.

Some things only need to be almost-finished. If you finish ninety-five percent of your dinner, you don't absolutely need the rest. If you almost-finished the SAT Test, then you probably did fairly well. If you have almost-finished reading the morning newspaper then you can move on with your day.


1. Still needs to be finished: Things obviously unfinished. (A sports game before the final whistle blows. A building that is mostly built but is still not fit for occupancy. Watching a movie, before you know how it ends.)

2. Does not need to be finished: When the part that is already done is all that really needs to get done. (Watching an uninteresting movie. Finishing dessert.)



The "foreclosure" problem may be hitting bottom soon (almost-over).


We may be almost-finished at least the initial stages of Mars development once the roads, sewers, Burger Kings, and Wal-Marts are in place.


almost-finished and still working on . . . some stuff

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