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A person is almost-always considered to be fully "adult" based on age. That age is usually twenty-one. Before that age there are extra restrictions imposed on the individual by the state, and often also by the family. As with almost-everything, growing older happens gradually, and so one can pass through a series of stages (or categories) on the way to becoming nearly as responsible as one's parents might be.

The following are the age-based categories in effect in the State of Florida (as of October, 2007):


1. 13: Old enough that there is a possibility the person could get tried as an adult for a crime and go to an "adult" prison.

2. 14: Old enough to work (but restrictions apply).

3. 15: Old enough to be considered physically large enough to (possibly) reach the foot pedals of a car, and therefore: old enough to drive with a learners permit.

4. 16: Old enough to work (fewer restrictions apply than at 14). Old enough to drive without a learners permit (if their learners permit has been used already for a year). Old enough to have sex with someone younger than 24 (other restrictions apply).

5. 17: Old enough to use a tanning device unattended.

6. 18: Old enough to work (almost-unrestricted). Old enough to vote. Old enough to join the army. Old enough to rent (enter into a rental contract). Old enough to have sex with any adult (some restrictions still apply). This is the "Age of Majority," they are old enough to disobey their parents (if they can get away with it).

7. 19: No longer eligible for the KidCare Program benefits.

8. 20: Almost-old enough to drink alcohol. Almost-old enough to gamble at a casino. Almost-old enough to ride a motorcycle without a helmet.




Almost-adults may still drink milk.


Almost-adults study hard in an ever more serious attempt to discover their own potential.


When an almost-adult feels dejected, they sometimes find it difficult to find a quiet place (while not yet being a landowner, and so able to find adequate privacy).


Almost-adults often like to almost-say things.


Almost-adults think doing this is "cool."


Almost-adults want jobs like these guys have.


Even computers can act like an "almost-adult." (Even adults can act like "almost-adults" for that matter.)


The behavior television showcases more than any other is "almost-adult" behavior.


Even in adulthood, dealing with the big issues with your panties on is usually the best policy.

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