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There are some people who drive carefully, and then there are others that insist on "almost-driving." These "almost-drivers" may have fun while they're driving, or may get other things done while they're driving, but they are much more accident-prone than the rest of us. The sad part is that they share the same roads, and they are in the same insurance pools as the rest of us. Some states have tried to outlaw dumb behavior. Some legislators think it's pointless trying to outlaw stupidity. Still, the number of dumb things people insist upon doing while driving at sixty miles per hour continues to climb.

The following list of categories is just a small list of possible distractions that drivers entertain themselves with that make them Public Enemy #2.


1. Cell Phone.

2. Video display (of maps, movies, or what is going on behind the vehicle).

3. Radio.

4. Disciplining children in back seat.

5. Paper map.

6. Pet the dog. Discipline the dog.

7. Applying lipstick with the aid of the rear view mirror.

8. Operating laptop computer while driving.

9. Sleeping while driving.



"Hey Frank, I'm driving behind you and I'm just calling to let you know that I'm not following you, I'm just going in the same direction. "

"The game last night. Yes, I did. Wasn't it spectacular? Did you see the . . . "


Darn: this things must have an app that will help me drive better. Goto Darn.


Ah, this app will enable me to do everything I was planning to do this evening before I even get home.


This joke about text messaging is all over the internet, so people have probably learned from it by now.


"Then, Captain, you don't have the GPS app called Iceberg Finder."


Whatever happened to phone booths? I thought they were a pretty good idea. That meant you had to pull off the road to make a call.

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