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Before you get married it is almost inevitable that you go through a seemingly both too-long and too-short period of being "almost-married." That's when you plan for the fairly "Big Day" (to you).

Up until now, you were single. After the actual wedding ceremony you will be married. Being single and being married are two separate states of being. But so is being almost-married (engaged to be married) a different almost-state (county, perhaps). You have to check the laws that apply for all three almost-states wherever you reside (and as you know, laws are all made by "committee-decision" and to promote government initiatives, and they're usually more vague and variable than you would like them to be).

Decision time: To stay almost-married, or go ahead and become nearly almost-divorced (just one disagreement away from being "separated"). There are no guarantees getting married is going to work out better for you in the long run. There are no guarantees that staying almost-married is going to work out better for you either. You don't have to move to another almost-state. You can just keep pushing the date back, set the date for years down the road, or not even set a date. It is all up to the two of you.

Ceremony: Choosing to stay almost-married, rather than getting married, means that you can get over with any kind of ceremony (the semi-formalities) much sooner and move on with your lives together. No need to get the relatives involved. No need to spend lots of money. Also, the "ceremony" can be fun, and whatever you want it to be.



For if you get almost-married on the way to becoming married.

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