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Very seldom are we having unmitigated fun. Usually something is detracting from what would otherwise be pure fun. Perhaps we feel a little restraint, lingering anticipation, maybe we're partially distracted, or have mixed in with our enjoyment a little pain, regret, fear, or even horror. Almost-fun is often accompanied by a steady awareness that the present enjoyment of the situation is contingent, and the fun will almost-definitely end soon (or be significantly reduced).


1. It is not Fun enough: Only a 6, 7, 8, or 9 on the fun scale, and there are other things that are more fun.

2. Other stuff is making the Fun not so much fun: You are distracted from your fun, or something is making it less fun than it could be.


Most TV shows are only almost-fun, partly because of all the cliches and repetition, partly because of the commercials that keep interrupting, and partly because you get that nagging feeling that you could be doing something more productive.

When playing your favorite sport, sometimes you have to lose.

Your newborn bundle-of-joy might still need to be potty-trained.

Driving your car, after it is no longer new.

Doing what you think you like, but when you are at a tedious part.

Playing in a sandbox with the other kids as usual, but you feel that you are becoming too old to play in sandboxes.

When the phone rings. Or, when you notice that there's a small stone in your shoe while you are in the middle of your fun activity.


The Almost-Fun Rules:


You can buy a fast car, you just can't drive fast.

You can enjoy the great outdoors, just watch out for the mosquitoes, sn*kes, and bears.

You can lounge in the sun, but beware of the harmful rays.

You can sail around the world, just watch out for rogue waves, storms, pirates, sharks, and dehydration.

You can go to Disney World, you just have to get in line a lot.

You can now travel into space (if you're a billionaire), but there is a long lineup for this fun activity too.

You can live for today, but then tomorrow comes.

You can do X, but then Y doesn't get done.

You can do X, but then someone slaps you on the head because Y didn't get done.

Life is never all fun and games. You can prepare today so that tomorrow it will be all fun and games, but by tomorrow some more preparing will need to be done.





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