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Not all of us are what we would generally consider to be "electable" for high office. There are many people that are only almost-electable. There are many aspects to consider about a candidate. Political parties want to sponsor only electable people. Candidates with "skeletons" or loud plaid suits need not apply.

The electability consideration extends back to a time even before the candidate was born, and forward in time to as far as we can imagine the person having an effect on peoples lives. It extends to what physical things are around that candidate, to every person who ever came into contact with them, and to all the ideas he or she likes and dislikes.


1. Too Nasty: The candidate may appear nice on the surface, but underneath . . . .)

2. Too Naughty: Anyone who is "wanted by the police" need not apply.

3. Too Silly: Anyone who honks their own horn Marx Brothers-style need not apply.

4. Not Silly Enough: Way too serious. (Anyone like Robbie the robot, Hymie the robot, or Marvin the robot.)

5. Poor Orator: Saying all the right words is insufficient; the words must be in the right order, and said with a caring smile.

6. Lacks Experience: Has never held any office before. Has only small accomplishments. Has not traveled widely enough. Has not led sufficiently-large groups of people.

7. Lacks Crucial Aspects of Personality: Must be a generalist, more than a specialist. Must be a "people person." Must be curious, and well-rounded.

8. Lacks Official Qualifications: Must be of a certain age. A degree or two would help.

9. Lacks Momentum: Must have backing in terms of money and support.


Remember, the person who wins is just the one who becomes the most electable of the ones who stay in the race to the end (the bar is not always as high as it could be).

So if you are considering running for something, try jogging first, and then stop in at a local coffee shop and talk to everyone about you're athlete's foot. That will at least get you almost-started . . .


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