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We don't have an "official" sponsor, but we do get encouraging comments and/or helpful suggestions every now and then. You can always add a link to this site.

Those we Almost-Sponsor

Almost-World can hardly afford to pay out significant sums. But these are a few of the "mostest." We would like to "almost-sponsor" them by replicating some memes here. In a world where "good enough" is just too common, these groups, people, things, and ideas deserve special recognition.

The Chrysler Corporation

The makers of the Dodge RAM Pickup:

Link to Dodge site

The best, most practical, and most fun vehicle for the money.

The Python "Almost The Truth" Gang

And their almost-flying almost-circus . . .

Link to the Pythonline site

The funniest so far.

Breckenridge Ski Resort

You can go almost-straight down (if you like):

Link to Breckenridge

A great place to ski.



And . . .  

Pretty Good Ideas and Things

Getting almost-there:

Getting almost-there.


Adequate dental hygiene:

Adequate dental hygiene.


Anything designed well:

Anything designed well.


Getting your feet wet:

Blah blah blah.








And . . .  

We'd really like to sponsor this guy . . . .


and anyone else who only almost get's it.

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