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What your spouse is when you first marry them. Your brand new vehicle. Something of exceedingly-high quality. An idea seems to be appropriate for the situation. There are many things that are almost-perfect. Things usually don't have to be perfect for us to enjoy them, appreciate them, like them, approve of them, etc., . . . but we are usually choosey to some extent.


1. Treat as good: Suitable. Acceptable. Okay. (A job well-done. Almost-flawless.)

2. Treat as bad: Not quite suitable enough. Close, but no cigar. (Send back for rework.)

3. Treat as evolving: First, the thing is not static. Second, it yields to influence. Third, it might alternately become good or bad, but it could get better without you doing anything. (Children. Your staff. Nature.)

4. Treat as improvable: First, the thing is not static. Second, it yields to influence. Third, it will only get better if you change it. (Raw materials. The produced but rejected deliverables of some projects.)


The performance of an Olympic medal winner.

Most cinema-worthy movies are almost-perfect in that so much exceptional work has gone into all of the layers of their making. (Still we prefer some over others.)


More Examples:


Puppy: not all that he can be yet. (Notice: no slippers in mouth.)


Good food (just a few pesticide molecules remaining).


Idyllic location (slight chill in the air).


Straightened teeth (almost).

missed it by that much

"Missed it by . . . that much."


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