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Some Almost-World Almost-Quotes

By John Dalston


The following are some favorite quotes from Almost-World and elsewhere.

Keep almost-getting nearly there.

One person's garbage is another person's almost-garbage.

The more almost-news I see, the more I wonder what is really going on behind the presenter's backs.

When you think technology, think almost-travel.

Technology is the almost-travel enabler.

Almost everyone is NOT included most of the time.

Make almost-art, it's easier.

Almost-employees are the almost-perfect almost-solution for most organizations.

I'm almost a Republican: Not on my dime, and Not in my backyard.

Don't knock it: almost-news is usually better than real news!

It was very nice almost-getting to almost-know the version of you I met yesterday (on the phone).

I'm almost-listening. Ah . . . . What?

I'd rather be almost-sailing (sitting at the front of the boat and watching the others do the work).

I'm almost-always nearly right or mostly right!

I'm almost-athletic.

I'm almost-interested.

I must be almost-perfect (I 'm making much better mistakes now).

Almost-thinking sometimes helps generate almost-solutions.

The almost-final frontier has a lot to do with space, and the almost-human capacity to almost-imagine how almost-things could almost-be.

Keep on being above-average.


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You can almost-relax now . . .


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