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Most of the time we are only almost-listening. There is just too much to focus on. Too much deserves our ear. So we listen to pieces here and there.

Sometimes the degree to which we pick up on every nuance of what is being said is almost-unimportant, but at other times we have to excuse ourselves for not listening more closely.

You can be sure the same is the case for everyone else.

Even when others do seem attentive to what you are saying, they probably only almost-understand.


1. Person to Person: When the other person is right there. (You and your spouse. You and your kids, or parents, or teacher, or students.)

2. Person to Person Mediated by Technology: Gadgets and the Internet serve to mediate between people more and more, and a lot gets lost in the middle. ("I sent you an email last week. Have you read it yet?")



I'm almost-listening. Ah, . . . What?


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