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There are many things that are almost-garbage (things that people have not yet discarded). When something becomes garbage it DOES get thrown out, until then it is sliding in the direction of decay, obsolescence, or both.

You and your spouse might not agree on when to toss that "favorite" old t-shirt (one person's garbage is another person's almost-garbage).


1. Almost-spoiled: Not very presentable, to the point that you almost-need a new one. (Worn-out or torn clothing.)

2. Almost-obsolete: There's a better version of what you have now, but the one you have is still good. (Gadgets and software often fall into this category. "Historical" and "landmark" buildings could be in this category.)

3. Almost-useless: Cheap or flimsy versions of things that should be more robust. (Perhaps a spare or backup version of something.)


If you are still using a ten year old computer, you probably consider it almost-junk.

Most of the stuff in your garage or attic is probably almost-garbage (being "in storage," and on it's way out).

There is lots of almost-garbage for sale at the garage sale down the street, and on eBay, and Craig's Lists, and at Goodwill, etc.

More Examples:


Chicken substitute.


Previously useful things.


Useful in a children's game of hide-and-go-seek. The slab-on-grade foundation might still be of value to the land owner.


This game still may be of use to the late-night watchman at the Smithsonian.


This mostly-used banana still may serve one final purpose.



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